Hair loss Resources [UK]

I thought it would be helpful if I compiled a list of useful links for not only support and information, but also for various sources in the UK for wigs, hair toppers and accessories. I’m hoping to add more links to the page as I find them. If you know of one that is missing from this list and feel it should be on here then please let me know via the comment box below.

Charities & Support UK

Alopecia UK:

Alopecia Awareness:

Alopecia World:

Little Princess Trust:

Shops for Wigs & Hair Toppers UK

MiMo Wigs:

Simply Wigs:

Valentine Wigs:


Pretty Little Wigs by Hollie:

Wildflower Hair:

Aspire Hair:

Peluka Salon:


Wigs Boutique:

DIamond Hair Solutions:

Beautiful Betsy:

Perfect Fringe:

Shops for Headwear & Accessories UK


Masumi Headwear:


Simply Wigs Headwear:

MiMo Wigs Headwear:

I’m planning to add to this list as I find more shops and resources, if there’s any you’d like me to add to this list please let me know via contact details below or leave a comment.

E-mail: [email protected]

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