Hi, I’m Neveen. I’m a sight impaired US expat living in the UK navigating through all things beauty, hair loss and alternative hair while having a visual impairment and Androgenic Alopecia. I’m using this blog as well as my social media to not only document my journey but to also raise awareness. If my blog can help just one person out there going through the same thing, then I will be incredibly happy.

A little bit about me:

• My visual impairment is caused by corneal disease called severe ocular rosacea keratitis. There is no cure at the moment, only treatment and surgery. I’ve had 3 corneal transplants and I’m due a 4th soon.
• My name is Egyptian, my father was born in Cairo, Egypt
• My Mother was born in Havana, Cuba, and she is who I learned to speak Spanish from.
• I was born in Miami Florida but moved to the UK after meeting my Brit Husband.
• I studied abroad in Egypt for two years of high school.
• I am a huge make up and skincare enthusiast
• I have an unhealthy obsession with gadgets (at the moment I am loving the new iPad Pro 2020!)
• I am often found playing video games with my husband (I’m a hardcore MMO vet!)
• I enjoy watching movies and TV shows and love watching some K-drama and anime.
• I am a total nerd at heart.
• Completely addicted to coffee! I need a coffee or at least a Red Bull to get me started in the morning.

If you’d like to contact me you can reach me by Email at: Neveen.Wood@gmail.com

Or find me on Instagram: @Neveen.Wood