K’ryssma Blue Ombré Synthetic Wig [Review]

KRYSSMA Blue Ombre Wig with 3 Tones Short Wavy Synthetic Bob Wig

I’ve decided to move over what I called my ‘Adventures with cheap Amazon wigs’ that I started on Instagram over to my blog as well with a more in-depth review of each one (and not just HA HA look at me with a pink nest on my head). Also all my cheap pieces aren’t only from Amazon, I’ve ordered a handful from AliExpress as well.

For my first wig in my series it’s this lovely blue ombré synthetic piece by K’ryssma I found on Amazon, I had seen the brand mentioned online on IG and YouTube a few times before and they seem to get rather positive reviews. I bought this wig myself with my own money, gotta love Amazon Prime too.

I can safely say this piece is a hell of a lot less itchy than my last Amazon wig from a different brand. The cap is comfy and the hair is soft, though incredibly shiny just like most cheap synthetic wigs (I just bathed this sucker in batiste dry shampoo to try to dampen that summer plastic glow).

I love the colour, it reminds me of those three toned ice cream popsicles I used to eat when I was a kid and I’m totally here for it. I’m not sure I’d head off to buy groceries with this sucker on my head, but it’s definitely fun for photography and maybe a night out. There’s no lace front on this piece which is why it’s likely cheaper than a lot of the brands other offerings, but I still enjoy it, though the hairline can look a bit ‘wigy’. It does come with a adjustable strap inside so you can tighten or loosen the cap, package included wig caps too which I haven’t cracked into just yet since I’m trying out my velvet wig grip.

If you’re looking for a fun bright coloured ombré synthetic wig that won’t break the bank I’d definitely recommend this one, I haven’t tried the other colours just yet (I’ve got my eye on that pink ombré & ashy purple).

Word of caution, it does shed – not as much as my Haircube one but it’s still present. I’ve only had it out of its packaging for a couple of days now though so I’m hoping the shedding with subside in time and it’s just loose fibres that came out in storage and transit.

PS: Please ignore my brown hair peeking out from the bottom in some shots, I was trying out a new wig grip online and it seemed to have just slipped my Bobbi pins and hair off one side. (It was as likely my own fault rather than the grips tbh). I’m also pretty new to wearing wigs as I started off with hair toppers so please be kind, I’m a newbie!

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