Lusta Hair Topper [Review]

Side by side image of me wearing my brunette coloured hair topper from Lusta to cover my hair loss

This Lusta topper was the first hair topper I ever purchased online. I must have spent hours staring at the pictures on the website, zoomed in and looking through every YouTube video of every brunette shade I could find in an attempt to find the right match.

I didn’t think at the time to go and contact Lusta directly for help (which now I know you can do that!) so I took a gamble on the colour choice of Trust Fund Baby and ordered it. The day it arrived I ripped it open and pulled out the cutest little pink bag that held my lovely topper inside. Is there such a thing as a ‘new hair smell?’ Because I swear that hair smelled so lovely on arrival, I need to seriously buy the shampoo and conditioner they use on their pieces (they use Devroe products which I’ve been having problems trying to get ahold of here in the UK).

Tbh, I was a bit worried at first because my bio hair at my roots was darker than the topper, but I figure in the meantime I can wear it pulled all the way forward like I saw them demonstrate in one of their videos until I can get this piece rooted. I have had it thinned a bit at the front with some face framing layers added to ‘make it my own’ – a lot of the times a topper right out of the box won’t sit right on my head until I’ve had it customised to my style.

I’ve had this topper for about 6 months now and it’s still just as gorgeous as when I first got it. The hair is so soft, the clips and cap are comfortable to wear and lays pretty flat on my head. I’ve washed it several times, curled it, heat styled and it let air dry depending on my mood and it has held up amazingly well – hair styles hold up really well also.

All in all it’s one of my favourite hair toppers of all the ones I own, the highlights are gorgeous and the clips are very comfortable, though I do use texturizing spray on my bio hair in the areas I’m going to clip into to help with friction pain and tension.

I’ll likely never be perfect at clipping these on or putting a wig on right but I’m totally ok with that, because it makes me happy either way. If you’d like to see how my hair looks without the topper you can find a lot of pictures on my Instagram @Neveen.Wood

Lusta 7×7 in Trust Fund Baby 20’ –

Colour is described online as: Dark brunette with striking light and medium brunette and blonde highlights


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